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Aquarius & Virgo Love Compatibility

When Aquarius and Virgo make love compatibility, it will be a slow match to start, with some obvious differences. These two zodiac signs enter love with two very different steps in the mind, and this can cause several problems. But they also offer each other perspectives and approaches that they will value from time to time, if they give each other this opportunity. One good thing that sparked this match was that they both wanted long-term love, but both Aquarius and Virgo had to work together to make it happen in this match.

It is no easy way sexual relationship and unless some strong support given by their natal chart, Virgo and Aquarius will rarely attracted to each other enough to initiate sexual intercourse at all. nature they find it very hard to support each other, they are both intellectually but in a completely different way, and they probably would ruin any chance of a good sexual relationship by overthinking everything, each in their own directions.

Aquarius really hold on their spontaneity, but who’s to say what the “spontaneity” really mean? They are rational when it comes to sex, but it spontaneous? Sounds strange, does not it? Actually, they choose when to be spontaneous and intellectual strength they often give them the image of spontaneity because they have seen the results quicker than the others, those “not spontaneous”. It can ruin their sex lives, because Virgo is one of those people and usually will think long and hard about starting a sexual relationship.

Aquarius And Virgo Compatibility – Pro

We have two very different approaches in this love match. Here we have the Aquarius Fixed Air Sign which joins the Mutable Earth Sign from Virgo. This is a couple who can’t be more different. Aquarius is a bit of a thinker and moves fast. Virgo is slower and methodical. But there are characteristics in each of the signs sought by the other, and although it will be slow to start, once they find it, they will be very interested in each other. It takes an analytical approach to love, and also, everything. Aquarius appreciates that Virgo is not in a hurry to do anything without first thinking about it. Aquarius also likes how flexible Virgo is, and how available they are to release everything for them if needed. Virgo on the other hand was quite interested in intellectuals at Aquarius, and always explored this methodically. While Virgo tends to be old-fashioned and old-school, and Aquarius tends to be more modern, both signs are very interested in exploring that conflict with each other from time to time.

Aquarius And Virgo Compatibility – Cons

When it comes time to make this match work, there are some key personality differences in the game that both Aquarius and Virgo need to pay attention to if they want this love to last. Virgos are slow movers, and spend forever thinking about something before they decide. Virgo is also very organized and clean, and Aquarius kind of blows in and out the place without really thinking about it. This will frustrate and irritate Virgo, as much as Virgo’s slow movements will disturb Aquarius. At the same time, Virgo likes to see many parties in an argument or challenge, and Aquarius as a Fixed Sign only sees one view. And swinging Aquarius from this view can be difficult, if not impossible. Virgo will find in many arguments, as being able to change, they are more flexible than Aquarius. If Virgo doesn’t have a problem with that, there won’t be a problem. But if not, there may be some argument that turns into a full blast.

How to Maximize Your Love Compatibility?

The Aquarius and Virgo matches are mature matches with many differences, but both sides want the same thing. So if they can find a way to make a common ground, and really meet each other, there’s nothing to say this match won’t work. They needs to exercise their flexibility. Aquarius can be a little more emotional and less rigid when expressing needs with Virgo. It must retract a critical approach when problems arise. If they can remind each other of their shared vision of long-term love, as often as possible, this is a match that will nurture one another for many dreams together.

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