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Aquarius & Libra Love Compatibility

The Aquarius and Libra matches are very harmonious and of high compatibility. Here we have two signs that seem to “get” one another, and this creates a strong foundation for building lasting relationships. This is the Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius which combines power with the Cardinal Libra Air Sign. The couple initially met at an intellectual level, from which they built a romantic experience that would be based on love and harmony. Both of these signs want long-term love, and are able and willing to give it to each other, as long as they can maintain their willpower.

Aquarius can really help Libra express their sexuality. Problems with Libra’s Sun bring too much attention to the opinions of others, so the representation of this singing becomes extreme when it comes to the way they show their sexuality. They will be afraid of being judged and appearing to be too asexual, or have to show it “regardless of everyone’s opinions and this can be very disgusting for their partners. In terms of sexuality, Aquarius has a completely different approach – they don’t care about anyone’s opinion. They live life they are in constant search for freedom from all taboos or restrictions, and this will help Libra forget others, at least for some time.

Although their sex life can be very liberating for Libra, it can also be a bit challenging for Aquarius because they will be the ones who have to fight against Libra’s need to adjust. However, as two signs of Water, they both tend to be free to express their sexual desires to one another. They will like to experiment, learn about each other and their own inner desires and communicate easily. Their sexual relationship must be a strong pillar of their entire relationship, although they will usually think of their verbal way of getting along as the most important for their bond.

Aquarius And Libra – Pros

The pluses in the relationship between Aquarius and Libra are often greater than negative ones. Both of these signs have a higher level of thinking that is able to see the big picture when problems arise. None of these signs like drama too, so there will be little if there is a bad confrontation here. Led by Uranus, Aquarius is unconventional and unique and Libra found this very interesting.

Libra is very sexy and sensual, and has a charming elegance for them so that Aquarius will be hard to resist. Both of these signs also function very well together on the social scene, and will always be out and about enchanting the world together. There is an underlying chemistry between this pair that is also difficult to make in other zodiac matches. They really wind between their wings. Libra needs a partner in life and harmony at all times. Aquarius is Fixed on their partners and has no problem giving libra exactly what they need.

Aquarius And Libra – Cons

There is some strong energy that comes into play in the Aquarius and Libra matches. Aquarius is a Permanent Sign and thus has a very strong personality that is not susceptible to flexibility. Libra is a Cardinal Sign, and likes things their way, and only their way. When that is not the case for Libra, they can bite and be critical with words. Aquarius has no tolerance for this, so some emotions can ignite in this union. Aquarius also has their own needs to control things, as a sure sign. Libra doesn’t bend too much when it comes to firing, so some heads will also hit in this area.

How to Maximize Your Love Compatibility?

Although there are some differences in the game here, the Aquarius and Libra matches contain more similarities than differences. And where they are different, they can find room to agree if they meet halfway. In this match we have Libra who is great at getting things started, and Aquarius who is great at getting things done. So this couple complement each other through differences. We also have two great thinkers with a shared vision of relationships, and the world in general, and this similarity is what will create a deep bond between Aquarius and Libra. They function very well with each other, and with greater humanity, and are very interested in their partner’s side. In addition, with the two Air Signs playing a role here, sexual chemistry can be touched. It will be a joyful rescue grace when strong personalities collide.

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