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Follow these Tips to look Young and Beautiful

When it comes to look young, you are usually prescribed a skin care regime of various lotions, herbs, and serums – but everything from nail care to your hair color can affect your appearance. This is what the beauty industry experts recommend to help you get younger face.

For people who look much younger than their age, “the main factor separating them from people who look much older is that people who look younger believe that middle age begins 15 years later.” They also have certain patterns of belief and behavior. including forgiving easily, using fun rituals to deal with stress, and continuing to learn new skills.

Here are 50 tips to look young and protect your body.

  1. Get some sun, but not too much – The sun’s rays are full of essential Vitamin D however if you spend too much time in the sun and get burnt it can make you look older.
  2. Drink eight glasses of water a day – this hydrates your skin, boosts metabolism and makes you feel more energized.
  3. Exercise for twenty minutes a day – this gets your heart working, helps you lose weight and keeps you feeling energetic throughout the week.
  4. Walk to the shops for that pint of milk – don’t drive for five minutes when you could get fifteen minutes exercise.
  5. Do something silly – messing around and having fun can lower your heart rate.
  6. Keep your brain active – Play a word game, do some trivia, read.
  7. Be thankful – Looking at what you’ve got and how happy it makes you feel is a great way to stop becoming down in the dumps when something goes wrong.
  8. Wear sunscreen – It’s moisturizing and it protects you from the sun which can cause tough, leathery skin.
  9. Eat your greens –  This has to last throughout your whole life, fruit and vegetables are full of essential nutrients.
  10. Hide dark circles – Use an under eye concealer just for this purpose. You’ll look brighter and more awake.
  11. Moisturize – Moisturized skin is less susceptible to wrinkles as the skin is more plumped and flexible meaning little movements don’t create fine lines.
  12. Wear clothes that fit – If you wear baggy shapeless clothes then you are going to look old. Find clothes that flatter your shape and show off your good points.
  13. Get a facial – Go out and pamper yourself once in a while, you’ll feel better and your skin will be glowing!,
  14. Use anti aging products – Use these early on in life to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles. As you get older find products that minimise those lines.
  15. Stop smoking – The act of smoking can cause fine lines and thin lips not the mention the effect the smoke has on your skin.
  16. Cut back on alcohol – Drinking is a great way to relax but too much can dehydrate you.
  17. Get a skincare routine – Cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturising every day can take years off.
  18. Get enough Vitamin C – Eat oranges and another other fruit high in this vitamin it keeps skin looking fresh and bright.
  19. Keeps your hands moisturized – Old looking hands can undo all the good work of a young face. Moisturize and don’t expose those hands to harsh chemicals.
  20. Improve your diet – Eat balanced meals, and get enough calories to sustain your lifestyle, not to few, not too many.
  21. Get more sleep – make sure your room isn’t too hot, don’t work where you intend to sleep, drink camomile tea.
  22. Lose weight – find out what your BMI is and if it isn’t in the normal range then try and get it there.
  23. Get enough essential fatty acids – These are essential for cell growth, blood pressure and lowering cholesterol. They are not produced in the body so must be gained through the diet, try fish or supplements.
  24. Don’t be afraid of chocolate – Even if you are trying to lose weight a tiny bit of chocolate should be factored into it. It makes you feel good!,
  25. Meditate – Doing this daily can help you feel more relaxed and calm.
  26. Listen to music – Listening to music helps to motivate us, calm us, energise us and keep our brains working.
  27. Always keep healthy snacks in the house – Having apples to hand is much better than reaching for a packet of crisps.
  28. Use natural products – Natural products are free from harsh petrochemicals that do more harm to the skin than good.
  29. Have the occasional bath – They can help you sleep, soften skin and relax your whole body.
  30. Control those hormones – If you find that you can feel the menopause coming on, find out from a doctor and start controlling it.
  31. Have children – Studies have shown that women with more kids tend to live longer. Playing with your children will keep you active!,
  32. Get a hobby – Instead of watching television in the evenings do something productive; knit, sew, run, play on the Wii or paint.
  33. Look after your teeth – brush twice a day. Get recommendations from your dentist whether you need specialist toothpaste such an enamel strengthener.
  34. Take supplements – Just take the essential multi-vitamins then consider others like evening primrose for menopause or EFAs for hypertension and blood pressure.
  35. Don’t be afraid of makeup – A bit of concealer under the eyes can take years off. Use natural shades on your eyes to enhance your skin tone.
  36. Look after your nails – Get a manicure or learn to look after them yourself. Moisturise cuticles and don’t let nail polish get chipped.
  37. Use thickening shampoos – It isn’t just men who experience thinning hair so whatever your gender make sure you use shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair thick and beautiful.
  38. Drink tea – Green tea especially is very good for you and very high in anti-oxidants help boost your immune system and keep you healthy.
  39. Practice yoga – Even if it is just with an instructional video on YouTube it can help reduce stress and anxiety.
  40. Try alternative therapies – Alternative therapies such as acupuncture can relieve stress and help with common ailments.
  41. Smile – Smiling makes people around you smile which in return makes you feel happier and more energized whilst looking young and refreshed.
  42. Get a massage – Getting a regular massage can help to reduce stress and increase blood flow.
  43. Don’t regret not living – Whilst you can do the things you always wanted to do because as you get older you may regret never doing them.
  44. Use the internet – Using the internet to stay in contact with old friends can keep you social and up to date with any new technologies.
  45. Wear your seatbelt – Doing so lessens your risk of a fatal car crash, that’s one less thing to worry about.
  46. Dress your age – No one wants to be mutton dressed as lamb so find out what is fashionable for your age and be proud of who you are.
  47. Choose the proper hair style – Depending on your age a few grey hairs should be covered up with a dye close to your natural colour to look young. However, there may come the time when it is best to embrace a full head of grey hair.
  48. Get some fresh air – Getting outside amongst the grass and trees can do wonders for your skin and health. You’ll feel more energised and healthier.
  49. Don’t go straight for botox – Try a few anti wrinkle creams, remedies and natural supplements before resorting to anything involving needles.
  50. Drink water instead of soda – If you don’t like water than try squeezing some lime juice in it for extra flavour and a detoxifying effect.

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