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10 Best Indoor Trees for your Living Room

Whether you have a gift for the dramatic or have graduated beyond the humble floor of the house, the interior trees will adapt perfectly to your interiors. By climbing up to the ceiling with vibrant leaves, indoor trees make a beautiful statement while providing some functional qualities, such as promoting a positive mood, purifying the air and making you feel a little more connected to nature. Get to know the best indoor trees and also how to care for them below, and then order your favorites to meet your lifestyle needs.

1. Rubber Plant

This high and tough beauty comes in many varieties, from tricolor, leaves of various kinds to almost black. Place your property in a bright, indirect light, and water about once a week without standing water

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2. Lady Palm Tree 

This beautiful palm was first discovered in Japan 300 years ago featuring several palm leaves in a stylish fan pattern. That’s far more fussy than many other palms. It prefers indirect light and needs to be watered only when inches above the ground are dry.

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3. Birds of Paradise

The large, leafy Bird of Paradise presents a tropical touch and makes statements wherever they go. We love the symmetry they make in the living room with the design of Leanne Ford. But that does not mean you can take it anywhere. Indeed, the Bird of Paradise tree requires bright sunshine and lots of moisture, so make sure you can accommodate them appropriately.

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4. Fiddle Leaf Fig 

The shiny, broad, violin-shaped leaves make it a great addition to any room. It likes moderate indirect light to bright and regular watering, but if you over-water it, it will start dropping leaves. Clean the dust occasionally so that the plants look the most beautiful.

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5. Dragon Tree

These tall and thin trees are best for your living room. “Indoors, they can grow to more than 10 feet, but that won’t be a straight vertical growth.” Needs “Medium to clear, indirect sun

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6. Ponytail Palm 

The long, rounded stems and leaves of this plant make it visually appealing, especially in contemporary settings. If you forget a little about watering, this is a plant for you: It stores moisture at its base so it’s more forgiving if you accidentally water a week or two. It prefers light, but not direct, light. Because the growth is slow, buy a large factory to get the biggest impact.

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7. Norfolk Island Pine 

This fine-looking pine with a soft needle is a long-lived favorite if you give it a bright light and slightly moist soil. Any type of environmental pressure can cause needles to fall – and once they disappear, they don’t grow back.

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8. Jade Plant

Crassula ovata, commonly known as jade plant, friendship tree, lucky plant, money plant or money tree, thrives in good health with lots of light, a mixture of well-flowing soil and proper watering

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9. Corn Plant 

Corn plants can spend mid-year outside on a shaded deck or yard. Bring plants into the cold climate. Corn Plant can’t stand to stop. Corn plants regularly do not need pruning or shaping to maintain their good appearance.

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10. Umbrella Plant 

This tropical shrub makes attractive indoor trees with shiny leaflets that spin like spokes on wheels. Give the filtered light bright, and water only if inches above the ground is dry

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